Sunday, June 28, 2009

GNU compile ARM C code in thumb mode

To do this add "-mthumb" option to arm-linux-gcc

Install uClinux

Step1: Extract uclinux to ~/uClinux-dist/
Step2: install ncurses
sudo apt-get install libncurses5-dev
Note: do not set /usr/local/arm-linux/bin as the first entry in $PATH this will mess up the make tools!!

Step3: copy and compile genromfs-0.5.1

Step4 : run
make menuconfig
(select GDB, Armulator)
Step5: run
(executable in /image/linux, romfs file in /image/boot.rom , link this file to romfs.img)
ln -s boot.rom romfs.img
Step6: run skyeye emulator (check the settings in skyeye configuration file first)

skyeye -e linux

Extract GNU ARM tools

Step1. Extract arm-linux-tools-20061213.tar.gz and copy files to /usr/local/ (in root mode).
Step2. Set enviroment variables as
export PATH=$PATH;/usr/local/arm-linux/bin

How to compile and install embedded linux

Follow these easy steps to get free linux software source code and tool chain and run in skyeye armulator in minutes.

Step1. Get uClinux source code at . Package name: uClinux-dist-20070130.tar.gz
Step2. Get ARM linux tool chain pre-compiled. Package Name: arm-linux-tools-20061213.tar.gz